Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences | Press Conference Merck - i3L Life Sciences Award


Jakarta, June 13, 2016 – Merck, a leading science and technology company, engaging the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L), a premium life science higher education and research institute, initiated the first Merck-i3L Life Sciences Award and held Media Briefing at Artotel Hotel. Although rarely seen in public, scientists hold a pivotal role for humanity as their research, especially in life science, bring new advances in knowledge and discoveries. The award aims to honour scientific research that improves the quality of life in Indonesia and serves as an appreciation for scientist’s efforts to find sustainable solutions that meet the needs of Indonesians.

“In the advancing 21st century, knowledge and innovation is key to positive societal changes, sustainable socio-economic development and the promotion of global advancements. Merck supports and encourages scientists to conduct research that fulfills the increasing demand for innovative products and services in Indonesia,” said Head of Research and Applied Solutions Commercials PT Merck Chemicals and Life Sciences (MCLS) Syahroni.

The first Merck-i3L Life Science Award is aimed at accelerating development of science and technology in Indonesia. Applications for the award is open to Indonesian citizens, full-time scientists, graduate students and scientists from Universities, private and state research institutions, including hospitals. Qualifications include product and knowledge advancements in agricultural, health and environmental efforts that have been studied in a lab-based setting. The competition opens June 13, 2016 and a winner will be announced in 17 November.

Matteo Morello, Ph.D, Director of Academic Affairs at i3L stated “We are proud to partner with Merck in uplifting Indonesian science and research to a totally new level. We look forward to welcoming established as well as want-to-be scientists to work with us in developing a new wave of life changing ideas and innovations.”

“I believe that one of the contributions towards the development of Indonesia could be delivered through development of life-science based research. During my experience as a scientist, I believe that researches could produce new knowledge for practical application with high relevance, utility, and economic impact.[1] This is a good opportunity for Indonesian scientists to step up and obtain acknowledgement of their contribution,” said Merck-i3L Life Sciences Award Head of Judges and Director of Eijkman Institute Prof. dr. Amin Subandrio W. Kusumo, Ph.D., SpMK.

However, there is a need to promote collaboration between private, academicians and other stakeholder in supporting ideas that will impact innovation and competitiveness. In order to pursue more ideas in innovation and competitiveness, i3L focuses on practice-oriented research by developing triple helix ecosystem of academia, industry, and government.

Indonesia Young scientist who earned PhD degree at the age of 28, Amadeus Yeremia Pribowo, Ph.D said, “Scientist is an honorable and promising profession, and we have come to a point where Indonesia needs more scientists to bring about technological revolutions in many areas, including healthcare, medicine, agriculture, fisheries, energy, and new materials. That is why we strongly encourage our younger generation to pursue a career in Science and to combine their research and scientific knowledge with entrepreneurship skills to be able to turn scientific discoveries into innovative products that can improve people's quality of life and boost Indonesia's economic development. Merck-i3L Life Sciences Award is a platform to recognize and appreciate the hard work and achievements of Indonesia's own scientists.”

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