Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences | i3L -CYS Life Sciences Competition - Yogyakarta


  • Each school participant may send maximum 3 teams (maximum team members are 2 people).

Participants are students of Junior High  School/Madrasah Tsanawiyah, High School/Madrasah Aliyah, and Vocational School within the age range of 13-19 years old on April, 2019

  • The research may be conducted by individual or team The research should be on the following field of study: Physics, Computer Sciences & Mathematics, Life Sciences & Environment Sciences.
  • Each participant, individual or group, must send the extended abstract & research poster (portrait in A1 paper size, in English). Participants that passed and selected must present at i3L campus for the research they have sent in front of the judges in the final round.
  • The Competition is only for School which located in Yogyakarta AREA, All winner for all Category will automatically selected National Selection on November at i3L Campus
  • Winner of LPB Nasional 2018 will be offered to join ICYS 2019 and APCYS 2019


  • Extended Abstract contents should be as the following:

1. Introduction

2. Research Method

3. Result and Analysis

4. Conclusion

5. Reference Extended abstract should be 1-page maximum, in A4 paper size: Format: Microsoft Word Font: Calibri (12 pt - spacing 1.15)

  • Template can be downloaded at Here
  • All the documents should be sent in the form of softcopy file convert to .RAR to the committee’s email address: The committee will reply your email as the confirmation of receiving the abstract. In the case that participants have not received the confirmation email, please resent the documents or contact i3L.